If we talk about CBSE standard 12 maths exam preparation, students are never done with it. The curriculum is wide and the expected questions are plentiful. However, if you have a new edition of Maths Class 12 study material, things will be much easier for you. The book includes many exemplary features that make it the best book for math board exam practice. ‘Together with’ books are also available for other subjects like you can easily get a new science book of standard 12 but in this article, our main focus is on the tips for getting admission in the board exam of mathematics this year.

When you have the latest material with the study material of standard 12 mathematics, you already have the best education and study book. Now it is up to you to dedicate some basic effective tips to practice through this book and to score brilliantly in this year’s CBSE Mathematics Board exams.

Top 6 Tips for You!

Learn the latest topics and weights

To get started, you need the right course to start working on it. Once you know the syllabus and its load (per section), select the new edition Maths class 12 study material and start practicing from the beginning of the session. The sooner you start studying math, the more time you will be able to practice it.

We recommend that you start with the preparation of the subject by focusing on the units which are easy in the board examination and have a good load as it will generate confidence and enthusiasm to do more. Then you will move positively towards difficult subjects.

NCERT textbooks are equally important

Whether it is math, science, or anthropology, NCERT textbooks lay the foundation for a strong start. Although you cannot ignore the support you receive from the new edition of Maths Class 12 or the newly published Standard 12 science book in CBSE Class 12, the NCERT textbook will be the basis for reading and improvement. So study both books together.

Plan your preparation

In Standard 12 of Mathematics, you usually get long questions (5-6 marks) from these sections:

  • Calculation
  • The second differential equation
  • Vector and 3D geometry
  • Probability, Relationships and Functions, and Algebra
  • Linear programming

The above subjects require a lot of practice and then, you will not shy away from getting 100% marks in board exams. So, start your work early by honestly and regularly following your NCERT textbook and reputable math class 12 study material.

Once you’re done, select sample papers and previous year’s papers

There is a definite pattern of repetition of subjects which is why it is also necessary to practice the previous year’s paper and sample paper. Get the latest version of Maths Class 12 study material and you will get a practice paper for self-study. Practicing them in writing will improve your speed, presentation, and time management skills.

Any more rot education

Friends, this is mathematics, not a theoretical subject. Although we would not recommend cramming for any subject, yes, it is definitely a big ‘no’ for this experimental subject! A good understanding of concepts is required in mathematics. Therefore, there is no point in complicating any of its sections/topics. With the help of updated mathematics with standard 12 study material, you will be able to clearly understand the basics and then you will be able to study-related questions to become an expert.

Time management means a lot

When you read the CBSE question paper, you cannot spend more than 15 minutes allotted by CBSE. The same thing happens with writing papers. You should ensure that you get at least the last 10 minutes to revise the paper. You will learn time management skills through regular practice.